Girihandu Seya-Trincomalee

Girihandu Seya is a worth visiting place when visiting Trincomalee not only because it’s historical value but also due to the natural attractiveness of the location and the architectural importance. It is considered as the first stupa of Sri Lanka. The history of Girihandu seya extends up to time of Lord Buddha. According to the legend Thapassuka Bhalluka (two merchants who offered the first alms giving to lord Buddha) had built this monument to place the hair relic of Lord Buddha.

Travel along the Trincomalee- Nilaweli road about 30km and turn to the left bi-road at the sign board. Part of this road is still under construction and Girihandu Seya is about 15km from this point.

From the base there are 300 steps to reach the stupa. The inscription about the history of the place and a pond naming Lanka Pokuna can be accessed through small paths extend into the little forestry areas.

On the top there is the stupa surrounded by two concentric rounds of pillars and a stone wall.

As it is too hot and difficult to climb in the noon, it is advisable to reach there in the morning.


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